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Search Strategies

Search Terminology

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  • Boolean--a command using AND, OR, NOT to retrieve information
  • Expander--the ability to broaden a search by including similar words
  • Field--the ability to focus a search by title, author, subject, keyword, or abstract
  • Limiter--the ability to narrow a search by restricting results to publication date, full-text, material type, or language
  • Nesting--uses a set of ( ) to embed and order more than one command in a Boolean operation
  • Proximity--uses "W" or "N" and a number between search terms to retrieve results with the keywords within or near a designated number words
  • Truncation--uses an * at the end of the root word to search for all forms of the word
  • Wildcard--uses a ? in place of unknown letter or a # to retrieve alternate spellings
Search Strategies