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Library and Media Services 

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Thanks to our volunteers again for your devoted time and effort to help us keep our wonderful students reading. 

Mrs. Choe preparing 5th grade students for the transition to 6th grade.
Mrs. Choe provided information to students on transitioning from 5th to 6th grade.  They were eager participants!  Thank you, Mrs. Choe!

     Yes, our teachers study as well as students!     

 A special LINK speaker presentation was given to students in the Library.  One that many students said they will never forget.  Thank you Mr. Dellos and Mrs. Chey for arranging this!

Field Trip sign up is in the Secondary Library for a tour of 
Seoul National University Library 
on May 23rd, all Seniors are welcome to come!

Who likes to read books on your devices?  Do you prefer an ebook on your phone, your iPad or on your computer?
Tell us how many ebooks our library has, and win a prize.  
Contest winner is Jin Yoon we have 663 eBooks in Overdrive!

Battle of the Books is coming April 9th!  Grades 4 & 5 will be participating at Seoul Foreign School, with 3rd graders accompanying them to prepare for next year!

Tales by the Campfire was a wonderful success!

The prize for the best story went to Ejoon who won a stuffed Otter for the most outrageous story, Mr. Rains won a gift card for the most stories.

Thank you to all who participated, we will have this event again after the VASE trip!

HOT COCOA, SMORES, and yes, a burning campfire was provided (courtesy of YouTube).  

Photo courtesy of Joadl 

Author of the 'The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition', Tina Quick visited GSIS!
                        Author, Poet, Civil Rights Activist David Greenberg visited GSIS!Author David Greenberg is coming January 29th!